The development of websites has been fascinating me since many years. Every customer is different which means that every project is a challenge of its own. I try to create and realize a successful concept for a website together with my customers.

My offers are primarily targeted for the regions of Wittlich, Trier, Bitburg and Luxembourg. Despite that, it is not a problem for me to take care of customers outside these areas. Just contact me with your wishes.

What do I offer?

  • Conception: The fundamentals of every project are the customer's requests. Whether it is a small private website or a complex corporate portal - every solution requires an individual analysis.
  • Realization: Based on the results of the conception phase the site can be realized. Using modern web technolgies, a website that is highly customizable is created. Of course all sites are optimized for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets by using responsive designs.
  • Support: Even after the site is finished, I am happy to oblige for any wishes you might have. It does not matter if the design needs some adjustments or you have a problem getting the content into the system.
  • SEO: Optimization of the site for search engines like Google. By using the right meta information, better rankings can be achieved.
  • Google Analytics: Inclusion of the popular analytics tool while maintaining compliance to the german laws (especially GDPR). This enables you to measure the success of your website and improve its performance.
  • Online-Marketing: The inclusion of Google Analytics does not yield any advantages by itself. Instead, you have to understand the tool and the implications of the data that is available.
  • Hosting: Assistance while finding the perfect hosting provider. With the right hard- and software at the backend the website not only gets faster, the user interaction will also rise.
  • Design: Whether you need a new logo or want to update an existing one, the creation of a consistent corporate identity is more important than ever. This is not only true for websites, but also for print products.
  • Photo and Video Editing: Photos and videos are an important factor for successfully binding customer. Therefore, it is very important to put special care on them.
  • System Administration: Over the years, I have acquired valuable knowledge in the administration of Unix- and Windows-based computer systems. If you have special questions regarding the configuration of those, I will try my best to solve it.

What Technologies do I use?

  • CMS: ProcessWire. This system enables me to respond to any special wish a customer might have, because I write all templates on my own and are not dependent on third party modules. The benefit for you is my experience with the system and the availability of many custom solution that I have created for other customers in the past.
  • Hosting: Uberspace. By using their managed hosting options, the systems are configured perfectly and always get the most recent software updated. Despite that, they grant you much freedom in configuring your server which enables me to fullfill your wishes. The usage of Uberspace is only a recommendation of me, not a condition.


Peter Barisch Photography

  • Create a new website while maintaining the existing logo as a central design element
  • Transfer the existing content into the new system
  • Program a dynamic contact form
  • Apply the GDPR (incl. SSL-Encryption)

Kunga Ruanda Help

  • Create a new website with a matching design
  • Create a role-based acces to the backend
  • Apply the GDPR (incl. SSL-Encryption

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